Why a facebook flash game?

Earlier this week, JusNI launched a facebook based flash game for the IrishFA which made some news on the blogosphere and in the media. Its a simple game where a user clicks the mouse and tries to keep the ball up in the air, every time they keep the ball in the air by clicking the game their score is incremented. A leaderboard is shown along the bottom of friends who have played the game and their score. You can see a screen shot below, click on the image below to try the game

click here to try the Irish FA game

Try the Irish FA game

So what benefit is building a game for the IrishFA and their fan base?

Key Benefits of a game on Facebook

  • Fun Traditionally brands where limited to being traditional brands with a serious outlook. Now with the evolution of gaming and the internet we have driven people who typically sit in front of the computers all day and away from social interaction to be some of the most sociable people amongst our species through online game playing in a fun enviroment.
  • Engagement Facebook allows users to engage with brands at a scale which was previously unheard of. You no longer have to send a stamped addressed envelope to enter a competition, you can now engage with a brand by opening your laptop or you mobile device while watching television and post on Facebook. A facebook game can be as engaging as facebook and your creativity allows. Whether its as simple as kicking a football to try and beat your friends score, or avoiding items falling from the sky while trying achieve a higher level than your best friend, Facebook games allow a branded interaction than traditional tools on Facebook do not
  • Competitiveness Fans of your brand can now play against each other. With everyone wanting to be part of your Mafia or a neighbour of your farm, the Facebook platform has helped the adoption of online gaming reach new heights. 31 million users play farmville everyday (Source). Did i mention this is all about engagement, ENGAGEMENT, ENGAGEMENT and more ENGAGEMENT
  • Market Size IF you consider the size of the world to be around 6.7 billion and the population of facebook is 500mill which means 1 in 13.4 people in the world use facebook. This means 1 in 3.6 people who use the internet uses facebook.  (source)

A few statistics to end

For the Irish FA game above,

  • The most amount of tries by a single user was 715
  • The average user tried 18.3 times

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