SEO tips- using wordpress to target keywords tutorial.

Seo tips- Using wordpress to target keywords tutorial

I get drafted often to help companies gain more leads or sales. The first problem usualy is a website is set up to promote a brand and not the products that they offer. Usually a website has really well designed product pages but how often do the products or services pages actually match with potential clients or customers are search for?

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Chris operates as an SEO consultant based in Ireland- If you need some consultant work done you can contact him at his page here  -  Search engine optimization (SEO) Northern Ireland

Identifying search opportunities

  1. This is where I would go and research the target market and draw up a list of 40-50 potential search terms.  For an example, if the website was for a plumber I would draw up a list of the services and different types ordpreof plumbing that the company does.
  2. Then use the google keyword tool (here) to draw a list up of search terms which could potentially be used. in terms of competition and search volume both on a global level and a local level
  3. Once a list of suitable keywords has been drawn up the next step is to check the competition on each single keyword and condense the list down to about 10 different terms. I google each term and see which keywords/terms are actually matched in page titles and URL’s. From here you can judge on whether or not it would be easy to get ranked.

Using Wordpress

This is where your copy writing skills come into play, with the ten chosen search terms in place I now write about 150-200 words about the subject and then about 100 sales copy where I would recommend the product or service. With this written the next step is to setup wordpress.  Setting up wordpress takes the form of downloading it and setting up a theme which is based around the design of the original site. Upload wordpress to a folder in the root folder of your webserver, I usually upload wordpress into /articles leading me to have

An essential part of using wordpress is to load the permalinks, I just use /%postname%/ as my permalink, which is not recommended as it can increase db/server load on high traffic websites. I then use two plugins.. “all in one seo” and a tool for xml sitemaps.

Heres is a quick shot of the plugins page in a normal wordpress install that I use

SEO tips with using wordpress plugins

SEO tips with using wordpress plugins

Google XML sitemaps generator I use this to generate a sitemap for my pages then I copy and paste this into the sites main XML sitemap. Then add this to webmaster tools at Google here

All in one SEO Pack which allows you some more control of SEO- you can get the plugin here

Targeting Search terms with wordpress

With the plugins in place, the theme designed to match the sites layout and the content ready to go, the next step is to add the content. The thing you must remember when targeting keywords is that the keyword or key term must be mentioned at a minimum- 4 different places. These places are- in the title of each page, the URL of each page (automatically setup if you have  permalinks done as mentioned above), with in a header tag on the page, an example would be <h3> which i sometimes use to split up the page and target broader search terms. The final place that the targeted search term must be displayed is in the actual text of your writing.

The wordpress index page?

With the theme setup switch wordpress to only displaying page titles on index page (where i place all my text) . I often place the wordpress in the sub directory of /articles/ to make wordpress only show the page titles here is the code I use.-

&lt;?php if (is_home()) {?&gt;

&lt;table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" border="0" align="center" width="700" summary="Botanica International"&gt;


&lt;tr valign="bottom"&gt;









Would lead me to having this-

From this image I am sure you can guess what keywords I am targeting!

One Final seo tip! Ping the search engines!

Take the page where your articles are and let the search engines know that they exist. Submit your finalised sitemap to google webmaster tools and it will let you know where your going wrong! You should ping the search engines by submitting the URL of your using ping services such as pingler

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