[Facebook tip 1] Changing the order of tabs on a facebook page/profile

I have been asked twice how do you re-order the tabs on Facebook page or profile. Once you start adding on tabs to your profile whether it be through staticfbml or your e-commerce solution that you just found, it may get cluttered and you may wish to organise it to your liking- Heres how!

One point before we start

At the time of writing, you can  not change the order of the wall tab or info tab, sorry, its there for good!

Changing the tab order of a facebook page or profile

This is the easiest thing in the world to do and you will probably kick yourself about how obvious it is.

Step 1 . Choose Tab

As you can see the order of the tabs on the new page that i setup for this tutorial read- Getting started, Wall, Info, Photos, Discussions. What if I wanted it to read Getting started, Wall, Info, Discussions, Photos instead, i.e swapping the last two tabs?

Step 2 Drag Tab

Click on the tab, hold it while clicking it and drag the tab to the order you want,  remember you can not move the wall or info tab!

Step 3 Finished!

Once you have dragged the tabs into the order you want, thats it! Easy! I knew you would be kicking yourself.  Our tabs now read- Get Started, Wall, Info, Discussions, Photos. The desired result

Next Week- Setting up a landing tab for a page to allow extra marketing!

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